“Hands Only CPR” or “Heel Only CPR”

It may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 15 minutes for Fire and EMS to arrive and take over CPR.  That is a long time without circulation of blood.  Some people can’t get down on the floor to perform chest compressions.  Some People fatigue sooner than others doing “Hands Only CPR“.  Just the same; Some people have more upper body strength than lower body strength and visa versa.   If I have a student that is unable to do hand only chest compressions due to fatigue or lack of upper body strength and are alone waiting for paramedics to arrive; I encourage them to use “Heel Only CPR” by using the heel of one’s foot instead. Some patients are large enough that your arms may not be long enough or you might not be able to reach across the patient’s chest enough to get your shoulders right over your hands.  Not being able to get your shoulders right over your hands may make it difficult to go the right depth of at least 2 inches 5 cm.   A person shouldn’t have to die because of lack of ability.  If there is a will trust me there is a way.  Try “Heel only CPR”!!    Others agree with me…visit others that also teach teach “Heel Only CPR


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