Bloodborne Pathogens

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Key Features and Benefits

Designed for anyone with a reasonable chance of coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens, the Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens course is designed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for bloodborne-pathogens training when paired with site-specific instruction. The course uses the PACT acronym (Protect, Act, Clean, Tell) and slogan, “Make a PACT, Know How to Act,” to help students learn and easily recall bloodborne pathogens training.

Workbook includes information on:

  • how to protect oneself from exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  • how to act when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace
  • how to clean oneself and the area when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace
  • how to tell or report any exposure to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace.


WAC 170-295-1110

Who must have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and Bloodborne Pathogens training?

(1) Every employee who is included in the staff to child ratio must have written proof of HIV/AIDS and bloodborne pathogen training that includes prevention, transmission, treatment and confidentiality issues.
(2) You must comply with applicable Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA)/labor and industries safety and health regulations under chapter 296-823 WAC that apply to you.
[WSR 06-15-075, recodified as § 170-295-1110, filed 7/13/06, effective 7/13/06. Statutory Authority: Chapters 74.12 and 74.15 RCW. WSR 04-09-093, § 388-295-1110, filed 4/20/04, effective 5/21/04; WSR 03-14-110, § 388-295-1110, filed 6/30/03, effective 8/1/03.