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All Instructor Course paperwork must be emailed or faxed to Health Training Center

BLS Instructor

Class time: 10 hours

PRICE: $250.00

The BLS Instructor Course prepares individuals to teach Basic Life Support for Providers and Heartsaver CPR Courses using American Heart Association Guidelines. This instructor led course allows for hands on practice setting up and skill testing your future students with the use of a stopwatch.


  • Training Center Faculty;TCF will help students navigate through the essential information and lesson plans each Instructor needs to teach the BLS course on an initial or a renewal basis, including the classroom-based and blended-learning versions provided in their Instructor manual.
  • Student Instructors will be educated on proper classroom navigation using detailed lesson plans for teaching the BLS course (16 lesson plans for the classroom-based course and 15 lesson plans for the blended-learning course)Heartsaver course 35 classroom-based lesson plans and 10 blended-learning lesson plans found in the BLS Instructor manual.
  • Students will access the AHA Instructor Network and navigate through the AHA website.
  • Students are shown the basics of setting up a class  using the aha classconnect.
  • Students will set-up, edit, and delete a class on the AHA website.
  • Students will access the PAM on the AHA website.
  • Students are expected to perform and demonstrate above average skills in BLS and Pass the BLS Instructor exam with a 84% or higher score.
  • Students will be shown effective teaching skills / Evaluating Skill performance / Corrective feedback /  Positive Reinforcement Skills / Proper Team Dynamics
  • Students will demonstrate Evaluating Skill performance with the use of a timer / Corrective feedback /  Positive Reinforcement Skills and will demonstrate teaching BLS skills
  • Students will demonstrate properly filling out a BLS Roster and be able to explain the details for completing.
  • Students will gain better understanding of High Quality CPR and AED usage. Student will be able explain when to start CPR and purpose of the AED
  •  New technology will be shared and discussed: Lucus 2 Automated Compression strap, PulsePoint Respond & PulsePoint AED  Apps.  AHA Code Pro ( for the recorder )
  • Students will learn how to properly administer Naloxone
  • Students will assemble intranasal Naloxone syringe
  • Students will demonstrate and explain how to properly assemble, administer, and deliver an Naloxone Antidote to a person experiencing an Opioid related overdose
  • Students should be able to explain how the Good Samaritan Law works and who it is designed to protect.
  • Student will learn what to do if a patient is a DNR and will be able to identify a true DNR
  • Optional topic given: Coverage given on owning your own CPR business
  • Students will be able to explain the basics of Registering a AED and guidelines for buying and having available for public access.
  • Students will complete the necessary paperwork and and be able to explain the steps that are needed to complete the process and gain their instructor card.
  • Students will navigate the Health Training Network website; Locate HTN order form.  Locate and read Rental Agreement for supplies for rent through the HTN. Students will access and print a BLS Roster, Student Evaluations. Student will read the Rules for Instructors on the HTN site and sign
  • Bloodborne Pathogens video shown
  • Students will demonstrate First Aid Skills:  Glove removal and disposal, Stopping bleeding, Bandaging, Splinting, Scene safety, epi-pen administration, preserving a finger after an amputation, and stopping bleeding using a tourniquet.


In Class Assignment

Each student is required to teach a 5-10 minute BLS Providers skill to your fellow classmates before end of class time.  5-10 minute Skills teaching Assignment /topics are assigned at the beginning of the class by the TCF and given to each student.

After Class Assignment 

All Instructors must complete the free online 2015 Guidelines Instructor update for the discipline you are going to teach. You will fax certificates to the Training Center you have aligned with. Once this is faxed you are free to start teaching 2015 BLS AHA classes. The 2015 Guideline Instructor update is found on the or click Launch below for the discipline you are going to teach.

BLS and Heartsaver 2015 LAUNCH This Course 

Next Step after Completing your Instructor Course 

Q.Are BLS Instructors allowed to teach Heartsaver Classes? Yes

Q.I only need to Renew my Instructor card can I attend the Initial Course for only $80.00?  Yes, and you would not need to stay for the entire length of the course.

Q.If I only plan to teach BLS Provider Course; Do I have to a Purchase Instructor Heartsaver Manual? No.  Only if you plan to teach Heartsaver Courses.

Q.Is there any prerequisites to taking the Instructor Course? Yes

Prerequisite*** In order to take a Instructor course:

Instructor participants must have a current AHA BLS Provider card and Instructor Manual (no exceptions) – a copy will be required in class.

BLS Instructor Initial Course- BLS Instructor Manual (required)

Click ⇒BLS Instructor Essentials Course $30.00 fee paid online (required) Don’t forget to Print ⇒Completion Certificate and bring to class

Optional – Instructor Heartsaver Manual (required) only if you plan to teach Heartsaver Courses. (sold separate


Class Schedule.

BLS / Heartsaver Instructor Renewal

Class time: 4 hours

Price: $80.00

In order to take this course:

  • Current BLS or Heartsaver Instructor card holder.
  • Participants must have taught 4 AHA BLS Provider or Heartsaver classes.
  • All US AHA Instructors must complete their required science update by February 15, 2016, in order to continue teaching AHA courses. You must fax certificates to the Training Center you have aligned with. Once this is faxed you are free to start teaching 2015 BLS AHA classes.

Please note: The AHA recommends that BLS Instructors who teach Heartsaver courses should also complete the AHA Guidelines Heartsaver Instructor Update Course.


Class Schedule.

Course Materials needed for the BLS Instructor Course:

  • BLS Provider Instructor Manual $45.00
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR & AED Instructor Manual  $65.00

Optional Materials

  • BLS Provider Student Manual $18.00
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR & AED Student Workbook $18.00
  • All AHA Student Card fees: $7.00 (discounts may apply)

There is an additional Training Center Alignment Fee of $40 (fee includes your instructor card) if aligning in Spokane INHS Health Training. This fee is paid to INHS Health Training after you are monitored teaching during your first class and all of your instructor paperwork is complete.


Instructor Certification is valid for 2 years. Participants must have taught 4 AHA BLS Provider or Heartsaver classes and hold a current card to be able to take a Instructor Renewal Course.  The first course taught evaluated by a BLS Training Center Faculty is not included in the 4 needed in 1 year.


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