CPR Northwest has been saving lives through education since 2006. It is a small locally owned company on the South Hill in Spokane, WA.  Diana Heller started teaching BLS training for her Dental Assistant students at what once was called “Apollo College.” She moved on from Apollo College with the goal of Saving Lives through Education.  She loves teaching and dentistry, and has juggled both teaching and working in the dental field for over 10 years.  Since 2014, she has spent most of her time teaching in her home, traveling to local businesses, and other organizations within the community in Spokane, WA.

CPR Northwest “Saving Lives Through Education” offers classes 6 days a week; teaching the various AHA courses.  Family and friends are so important.  CPR Northwest’s goal is to train as many individuals as possible to lower the number of deaths and to raise awareness of the risks, signs of cardiac arrest, and other life threatening emergencies.  Every person trained by CPR Northwest should feel confident with their skills to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.  If anyone of her students in a two year period after attending a course taught by CPR Northwest needs to practice so that their skills remain sharp;  she encourages and allows them to attend the same course at no additional fee.  Why?  Life is Why!

If your loved one or a friend or co-worker collapsed or was injured would you know what to do? You never want to have regrets or feeling of, “If only I had known!” The best gift one can give another is to know the skills that could save someone’s life.

A wide range of classes, flexible schedules, personalized attention, and professional instruction makes CPR Northwest your best option for CPR and First-Aid Training. Whether you need to update your certification or are taking a Basic Life Saving course for the first time we can help you!

Our goal at CPR Northwest is to equip you to save a life through the best training possible and after the class to make sure you have the confidence to do so. Sign up for a class Today!