CPR Training Discounts

Discount Savings on your next class could save you money and save a life!

Conditions may apply

(Referred Students must attend a class mention your name on the day of course or when registering for a class that they end up attending.)

  • Discounts can add up and be applied to your next renewal course for BLS Provider and Heartsaver Courses.
  • Bring a friend that takes a course with you to class and receive 10% discount off your initial visit to us.
  • 2 Student Referral – 20% off your next visit to see us.
  • Like our Facebook Page  and enter a drawing with others who like us on facebook to receive a pocket mask or mini keychain with faceshield in it.  Drawings are held every 6 months.
  • Refer a Business with 10 or more employees or just refer 10 people and all attend you will get your next renewal for BLS Provider or Heartsaver Course taken free of charge.(Student workbooks /manuals and card fees do not apply)
  • Students that participate and do CPR on manikin for promotional/ educational purposes via a picture or video receive family discounts up to 50% off.